Album - Chasm Lake and Keyhole

Small stream with boulders Andy taking a picture Two small streams combining Tiny stream in sunlight Small stream Sign warning about electrical storms Sign saying we must stay on the trail I've heard the goal is to get to treeline by sunrise. We didn't even try. Blue sky over Long's Peak Resting a long way from our destination Andy with Long's Peak in the background Looking across at the treeline Hiking along the trail to Chasm Lake This is not Chasm Lake Pleasant lake in the mountains Waterfall along the trail Small lake in the mountain Snowfield we had to walk across Tom started an hour later than us, but caught us before the lake Looking out at several lakes below Chasm Lake Water falling down the rocks makes the mountain turn green First view of Chasm Lake Lake surrounded by high walls A valley filled with lakes Chasm Lake had ice on it Some pretty wildflowers right next to the lake A rock successfully landed on the ice we pushed out in the middle Valley with several long, narrow lakes Valley with several long, narrow lakes Just one small boulder field to cross... Looking through the keyhole Waterfall and mountain lake Small lake between Long's and Chief's Head Peak with Mt Alice in the background Jake found a nice place to rest This groundhog decided he wouldn't bother us Yup, you are looking at the rest of the trail I guess it kindof looks like a keyboard... Everyone made it The trail leading to the boulder field Keyhole at a distance Long's Peak dominates the lake in the foreground Long's Peak in the distance High altitude plants Stream flowing steeply down the mountain
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