Album - Zion National Park

Short trail near the entrance of the park First view of the canyon. The Altar of Sacrifice is right in the middle. Rain has been busy for a long time carving caves into these rocks A look behind as we headed to the truck to wind our way to the valley floor Looking back up at the canyon overlook from the Upper Emerald Pools The sky really was that blue View of the valley from the middle emerald pool Waterfall at the Lower Emerald Pool Looking out from behind the falls at the Lower Emerald Pool Returning from the Emerald Pools From the footbridge over the river at the Emerald Pools trailhead It is a short walk to the weeping rocks Looking out from under the weeping rocks. It sounded like it was raining. The trail to the hidden canyon is precarious in spots The Virgin River winds through the valley Not much can grow up here Observing the other side of the valley Observing the valley floor A well-fed chipmunk The trail going off to the right after the zig-zag-zig leads to the hidden canyon Observing the winding Virgin River and sheer rock walls Observing the valley floor Observing grizzled trees A peaceful walk along the Virgin River shore Virgin River at a shallow spot The water flows through a narrow gap between cliffs Tom stopped to skip some rocks The river is pretty small just below The Narrows Looks like another gorgeous day Now that's the way to gain some elevation real fast The river winds around The Organ Looking straight down to the valley floor This is a neat canyon Wow! The road looks very small The shortest distance between two points is a curve Cliff walls as far as they eye can see I like the contrast between different color rock Trees don't grow so well up here Yup, that's what we hiked across to get here Chains along the trail
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